Friday, April 19, 2019

Position paper 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Position paper 2 - Essay ExampleA mother cannot roam the good-natured of fry she is carrying until after birth whereby some prior screens can be proven wrong. all in all disabilities should be encouraged in the sense that a disability is not an inability hence the child should be given a chance to live and evaluate what he or she has to give certify to the society (Collett, 2014). This paper examines the extent to which Yury and Yelena are not justified to do an abortion for their child on the basis of suspected Downs syndrome.In life, we are given a chance to tie choices on various people including our friends, husbands and wives but a blank fact that exists is that we have no alternative to make about the kind of children we give birth to. Therefore it is always difficult to tell the kind of qualities they will have hence Yury and Yelena should not take is a personal responsibility of their childs disability, if at all there will be any. Instead, in case the child is born dis abled, they should endure him or her enough parental love so that the childs self-esteem is boosted and doesnt discover rejected in the society (Sandal, 2007).In the present day world, scientists are trying to offer solutions to more or less complications associated with disability since genetic disabilities are on a rampant spread. This medical model works on reducing disability cases by curing existing ones and preventing new cases from arising. It is an obligatory role of the couple to bawl out places with such services so that their case is analysed in the most appropriate manner as compared to terminating the child. Dr. Samuel Gridley is a philosopher who argues that parents are totally responsible for ensuring that their deformed or disabled children get better succor to portion out the conditions in their lives. On their moral side of view, philosophers affirm that parents should take responsibility to offer substantial help to their children, even if it involves medica l help where abortion is excluded.

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